Lab, Factory


Noritsu Precision offers part of the factory as co-working manufacturing lab for tenants. Tenants can focus on their work without worrying about noise and vibrations. If you need more working space at the factory, please let us know.

Factory ( owned by Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd.)

These are list of equipment installed at Noritsu Precision’s factory. For more details, please contact us.

List of facilities: Sheet metal working

Turret punch press2Maximum processing work: t3.2 x 1,212mm x 2,424mm
Laser punch press1Maximum machining work: t6 x 1,212mm x 2,424mm
Laser output: 4k
Servo vendor6Maximum processing length: 2,000mm
Capacity: 56t, 80t
Welding robot2Maximum processing work 1,600mm x 800mm x 1,500mm
Spot welding1Suitable for surface cleaning.
Torque pack press4Pressing pressure: 60t, 110t, 150t, 300t
Powder Coating1Maximum processing work: 1500mm x 800mm x 1,800mm
Coating thickness: 0.05mm tolerance 0.01mm
Degreasing heater installed.

List of facilities: Machining

Machining Center7Maximum processing work: 900mm x 1,000mm
Maximum spindle speed: 30,000rpm
Multi-sided pallet specification
Numerically controlled lathe5Working diameter: dia. 3 to 200
Maximum work length: 500mm
Bar feeder, 24-7 unmanned operation possible.
General purpose milling machine1Working table:250mm x 600mm
General purpose lathe3Core: 180mm to 5,000mm

List of facilities: Surface treatment

Sparroll Plasticity Processing Machine1Maximum diameter: dia. 30
Mirror finish roughness: Ra0.2s or less
Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine3Maximum processing work: 100mm x 200mm
Finish surface roughness: Ra0.2s
Shot Blasting Machine2Maximum processing work: dia. 800
Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine1Maximum processing work: 300mm x 500mm x 500mm
High Temperature Furnace2Maximum processing temperature: 600 degrees celsius

List of facilities: Plastic molding

Injection Molding Machine9Pressure 40t, 120t. 150t, 300t, 210t, 450t, 850t, 1,300t
Gas Assisted Molding Unit2
Nitrogen gas generator 1

List of facilities: Development and Product inspection

CAD/CAM 3Supports 3D
3D measuring instrument1Maximum processing work: 800mm x 1,600mm
3D Not supported
Projector1Maximum processing work: dia.200 x L205mm
Imaging microscope1Magnification: 5 to 400