Support system

Integrated support from Local Government, Industry, Academia, and others.

For your business expansion

Human resource

  • Advisory board that consists of investment fund, entrepreneur, consultant, individuals with specialties will give various supports such as introduce potential partners, potential customers, and more.
  • Academia in Wakayama such as Wakayama University, Wakayama Medical University, Kindai University, National Institute of Technology Wakayama College, provides opportunities such as joint research, joint development, joint applications for subsidies, etc.
  • JETRO Wakayama will support oversea expansion.
  • Noritsu Precision will give advice on mass production.


  • Place for office work (incubation office) and place for manufacturing (working lab) are provided.
  • Experiment facilities at Noritsu Precision, Wakayama University, and Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture are available.
  • Gain support from Wakayama local government for pilot experiments.

Financial support

  • Wakayama-originated Kiyo Bank will provide financing (need loan screening).
  • Various types of subsidies and grants such as rent, transportation, recruitment are provided from Wakayama local government.
  • Have opportunities to receive financial support from investment fund and Noritsu Precision.

Recommended for those who are;

  • Growing tech startup who need a place for prototyping and mass production for further expansion.
  • Already have a head office in a big city but need an affordable additional place in a suburb for manufacturing purposes.
  • Intends to enter the Japanese market and need a place for office and production space.
  • Intends to start a business in Japan and need an office at a reasonable price.

Strength of WInC

Idea planning

Catch market needs and draw business plan with unique ideas.

Advantage of WInC
By utilizing our networks of industries, government, and academia, we can collect Needs/Seeds.



Can handle simple processing but they have limits.

Advantage of WInC
Has various processing facilities and work space. We can support prototyping.

Mass production know-how

Many do not have such know-how. This said to be a biggest disadvantage.

Advantage of WInC
Noritsu Precision, one of the supporters of WInC, always conduct development work targeting for mass production. Therefore we can give advice on “mass production" .

Mass Production Facility

Few startups own mass production facility (factory). Basically they outsource the work.

Advantage of WInC
Good at multi-product low-volume manufacturing. Tenants can utilize our mass production facilities.