Floor Plan




Rent fees

Common service expense
401 194,200 97,100 15,000
402 194,200 97,100 15,000
403 252,000 126,000 15,000
404 226,800 113,400 15,000
405 226,800 113,400 15,000
406 189,000 94,500 15,000
407 189,000 94,500 15,000
408 151,200 75,600 15,000
409 151,200 75,600 15,000

*With subsidy from Wakayama Prefecture. Available if you meet the conditions below;

  • Already established company outside Wakayama.
  • Less than 10 years of establishment.
  • Already invested from Venture Capital(s) with JVCA (Japan Venture Capital Association) membership.

Equipment and facility

Facilities of 4th floor

Specification Detail
Floor Space 43~72㎡
Ceiling Height  2.6m
Wall Finishing Each room is separated with steel partition. 
Wall paper is attached on plasterboard around pillars. 
Floor Finishing

OA floor (material:calcium carbonate,

thickness: 2.3mm)

Door opening  1,200mm × 2,100mm
Max. load weight of the floor  Approx. 300kg/㎡
Power Supply  Single phase 3 wire 100V/30A(40A for Room 403 and 410)
Each room has 3 electrical outlet. 
Lighting  Approx. 550 lux
Air Conditioning  Room 401・402・408・409:5 horsepower 
Room 406・407:6 horsepower 
Room 404・405:8 horsepower
Ventilation  Each room has window. 
air handling ventilation in hallways. 
Phone/ Internet  Tenant company have to make contract(s) individually. 

Office details

Meeting roomCapacity of 4~8 people ×3 rooms ※Available without any charge.
Elevator 1 evelator/Capacity up to 15 people(Max. load: 1,000kg)
Door opening:900mm×2,100mm
SecurityWith automatic security system, tenants can enter the building 24/7.
Visitors are accepted on Noritsu Precision’s business days.
Office Kitchenette2 common kitchens with water supply and induction cooker.

Fantastic Wakayama

Wakayama is in Honshu’s Kii Peninsula. It’s been valued as an important area throughout Japanese history, as a holy ground since Japan’s beginnings and a strategic region in the feudal era.
The Wakayama castle grounds and its surroundings are still an impressive reminder of the city’s history and worth a visit. Yoshino and Omine, Kumano Sanzan, Koyasan and the connecting pilgrimage routes are a UNESCO World Heritage site.
For more information about Wakayama, please visit “The Official Wakayama Travel Guide".

The Official Wakayama Travel Guide